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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Tashard Choice, Ryan Torain

I’m going to start doubling and tripling up reviews as the running backs become less and less fantasy-viable.



If I hated the Felix Jones pick (and I did) then you knew I was really going to hate the fact that the Cowboys drafted Tashard Choice (122nd overall) in the fourth round.  Choice, who ran for over 1350 yards in college, will be lucky to run for a tenth of that this season in the NFL.  If either Marion Barber or Felix Jones get hurt then you could see Choice get some time, but even then he’s not going to be worth a spot on your fantasy team.  He’s barely the RB3 on the Cowboys.



Ryan Torain (139th  overall) has to be on your fantasy radar simply because he was drafted by the Broncos, and you never know which unknown running back is going to break out on that squad.   Unfortunately, the Broncos have plenty of unknown  running backs already, as Torain has to deal with starter Travis Henry as well as (deep breath) Selvin Young, Andre Hall, Cecil Sapp and Mike Bell.   There is some good news for Torain though, as he’s a big guy (at 6’1" he’s the tallest RB on the roster) and – let’s face it – most of those other guys pretty much stink.   He’s a very long shot, but at least keep his name in the back of your mind.


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