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Some April Pitching Surprises

Here are some surprising pitchers from April. I didn't focus on Wins, ERA or WHIP because I find all three of those stats to be a little bit too luck-driven over the course of just five/six starts. And frankly, there are just too many "surprises" to make the list shorter and more interesting. Instead, I used a couple of less obvious stats - k/9 and GB/FB ratios.

Pitcher K/9 Pitcher GB/FB
Chad Billingsley 13.01 Edinson Volquez 2.5
Jonathan Sanchez 10.69 Brett Tomko 2.45
Todd Wellemeyer 8.76 Odalis Perez 2.18
Johnny Cueto 8.49 John Lannan 1.96
Edinson Volquez 10.13 Zach Duke 1.93
Micah Owings 8.13 Braden Looper 1.73
Clay Buchholz 8.47 Ubaldo Jimenez 1.74
Scott Baker 8.1 Jair Jurrjens 1.72
Chien-Ming Wang 6.23 Nick Blackburn 1.61