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The 2008 Worst Fantasy Baseball Season So Far Winner

What does a bad April look like? Does it necessarily have to include a spot in last place? Does it have to include a roster full of sleepers who never woke-up?

It could, but I think a bad fantasy April consists of great players playing awfully thanks to a combination of unforeseen ineffectiveness topped by injury in a 10-team mixed format. And that is exactly what won Fake Team's Worst Fantasy Season So Far Contest.

Look at what picking first in a 10-team mixed league gets you? This was da' bomb post-draft. Then Curtis Granderson breaks his hand. Yovanni Gallardo may have already been on the D.L., but it was for a minor knee surgery, and he made it back right on time - only to tear his ACL and be lost for the year.

With Troy Tulowitzki out for two months and Alex Rodriguez on the D.L. to end the month, this team would be struggling with significant downgrades at SS and 3B anyhow. But with Jorge Posada on the D.L., and John SMmolts' self-assigned bullpen role, the month couldn't be much worse.

Congratulations to Mark for his "winning" entry, and thank you to Will Carroll and Baseball Prospectus for their generousity.

RD POS Player Team
1 3B Alex Rodriguez NYY
2 DH David Ortiz BOS
3 OF Curtis Granderson DET
4 SS Troy Tulowitzki COL
5 OF Nick Markakis BAL
6 OF Corey Hart MLW
7 1B Carlos Pena TB
8 C Jorge Posada NYY
9 SP John Smoltz ATL
10 SP Rich Hill CHC
11 2B Rickie Weeks MLW
12 SP Yovanni Gallardo MLW
13 SP Dustin McGowan TOR
14 SP John Maine NYM
15 RP Rafael Soriano ATL
16 RP Joakim Soria KC
17 RP Carlos Marmol CHC
18 OF Jack Cust OAK
19 OF J.D. Drew BOS
20 2B Mark Ellis OAK