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BABIP Leaders and Laggards

Here are two lists. The first are those starting pitchers who have been especially unlucky with their BABIP. Also included is the pitcher's K/BB ratio and whether or not they start on Monday or Tuesday.

Starting on Monday or Tuesday would mean the pitcher is in line to get two starts this week. There are off days for most teams, but I didn't wnat to assume these pitchers managers would or wouldn't skip turns. Knowing whether one of these pitchers will pitch twice this week can also assist fantasy owners in deciding who can have a great week by regressing from a high BABIP or who can have an awful week by regressing from a low one.

As for the K/BB, I am trying to see how lucky low BABIp pitchers have been. If the pitcher is walking as many as he strikesout, I will be prone towards thinking the pitcher is going to flame out rapidly (Gavin Floyd, Greg Reynolds, Scott Olsen). If the pitcher has a 2+ ratio (Shaun Marcum), I am prone to believing the regression could be more gradual and that the pitcher is "for real".

With High BABIP pitchers, I tend to think those with low K/BB are just bad pitchers. Higher K/BB could just reflect fewer balls in play and therefore the high BABIP could be expected.

These are just hypotheses because I am not sure of the utility of BABIP the deeper we get into the season. However, it does provide a statistic to back-up what we normally just describe as "luck". What will be interesting is Tuesday's match-up of High BABIP Chris Sampson versus low BABIP Ryan Dempster.

High BABIP Pitchers:

Jorge De La Rosa COL 0.432 2.14 Yes
Jo-Jo Reyes ATL 0.415 2.43 No
Matt Belisle CIN 0.395 1.8 Yes
Nick Adenhart ANA 0.391 0.31 No
Andrew Miller FLO 0.39 1.84 No
Miguel Batista SEA 0.372 1.1 No
Bronson Arroyo CIN 0.37 2.39 Yes
Chris Sampson HOU 0.366 2 Yes
Clay Buchholz BOS 0.365 2.15 No
C.C. Sabathia CLE 0.364 2.59 Yes

Low BABIP Pitchers:

Justin Masterson BOS 0.071 1 No
Claudio Vargas NYN 0.154 1.5 Yes
Shaun Marcum TOR 0.178 3.06 No
Greg Reynolds COL 0.179 0.75 No
Armando Galarraga DET 0.182 1.71 No
Gavin Floyd CHA 0.193 0.96 No
Darrell Rasner NYA 0.194 5 No
Ryan Dempster CHN 0.211 2 Yes
Scott Olsen FLO 0.214 1.04 No
Aaron Laffey CLE 0.214 2.8 No
Tim Redding WAS 0.215 1.7 Yes
Daisuke Matsuzaka BOS 0.22 1.44 No
Erik Bedard SEA 0.227 1.95 No
Shawn Estes SDN 0.227 1.5 No
Matt Albers BAL 0.23 1.78 No
Daniel Cabrera BAL 0.237 1.54 Yes
Ben Sheets MIL 0.241 3.58 No