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Rich Harden And Other Baseball Notes

Oakland A's "ace" Rich Harden threw seven excellent innings. With a 2.91 ERA and 28 Ks in 21.2 innings, there is little reason to doubt Harden still has the skill he's shown when healthy over the past four seasons. The same question always must be answered, though. How many innings will he pitch?

In three games since returning from his no-appearances demotion to the bullpen, Barry Zito has allowed just seven earned runs in 16 innings of work. Is there anyone in the Giants' organization who wouldn't lock-in that same production over the remaining 5.75 years of his contract?

Raise your hand if you thought Baltimore Orioles' closer George Sherrilll would have 17 saves before Memorial Day? Put down your hands, you lying....

For those looking to time save opportunities, BJ Ryan has pitched just one game since his last day-off. However, his five-saves-and-counting back-up, Scott Downs, worked in two innings yesterday. Excpect both to be used in their traditional roles today given the Jays' off-day on Monday.

Just as the Indians' looked like their bullpen stabilized in Joe Borowski's absence, Mashide Kobayashi implodes and blows a 2-1 lead in the 9th. He hit a batter and allowed two hits, the final one being a three-run HR to Adam Dunn. Joe Borowksi: Bullpen Stabilizer!