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With 25% of the 2008 fantasy baseball season in the books, there are now hints that Bailing Season has begun. My first reaction is always the same, "It's too early!"

Why? Because there are players who are still playing above their expected performances (pick an AL starting pitcher or one from a low BABIP list) and those who have yet to get their 2008 mojo going (see Justin Verlander, Robinson Cano, most AL HR hitters). If one bails now, the pool of potnetial 2009 saviors is too small.

Or in a worse case, it is filled with fool's gold. These would be players who have gotten off to a hot start over 255 of the season but will collapse over the remaining 75% by either regressing back to their natural skill level or suffering an inujury that extends into the 2009 season. is there anyone who wants to compound a crappy 2008 with a building block for 2009 like that?