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If Carlos Gomez, Why Not Derek Jeter.

Minnesota Twins' CF Carlos Gomez has walked just five times with 134 ABs. As a result, he is constantly mentioned as a player who could lose his job. Are there any other players with fewer walks or even the same number in more ABs who don't seem to draw the same attention as the 22-year-old speedster does?

Here is the answer to my rhetorical question.

Derek Jeter NYY 133 5
Christian Guzman WAS 159 5
Emil Brown OAK 145 5
Benji Molina SF 117 4
Kevin Kouzmanoff SD 162 4
Jason Bartlett TB 125 3
Jose Lopez SEA 152 3
Jason Kubel MIN 117 3
Yuni betancourt SEA 131 3
Erick Aybar LAA 127 2

Amongst these are some players who will never lose their full-time job this season. The biggest one is New York Yankees' SS Derek Jeter. With just one HR on the season, he has nothing going for him but the hope that the walk and power outages are just proof of a small sample size and not the beginning of the end.