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BABIP Pitchers Leaders

Seven weeks into the season and there are still everyday starters whose BABIP remains way below the average of .300 that is used to determine if a streak of bad performance (much lower than .300) or good performance (much higher than .300) is in the near future.  This group of players included those who should see a streak of bad perofrmance as their current BABIPs are much lower than the .300 BABIP one expects.

I've included some pitchers who haven't had too many starts just to provide some context to how their recent efforts could be nothing more than a string of good luck.  As a New York Yankees' fan, it pains me to include Darrel Rasner on this list, but I must.

In two starts covering 12 innings of work, Rasner has been everything the New york Yankees expected from Phil Hughes or Ian Kennedy.  He has walked just one batter and allowed only nine hits.  However, he has struck out just five.  With the Yankees' middling defense per FPCT, one cannot expect Rasner to benefit too much longer from a .194 BABIP.  There are just too many balls being put into play.

DET Dontrelle Willis 0.071
CHA Gavin Floyd 0.144
SEA Erik Bedard 0.184
TOR Shaun Marcum 0.185
FLO Scott Olsen 0.193
NYA Darrell Rasner 0.194
CHN Ryan Dempster 0.195
CLE Aaron Laffey 0.200
BOS Daisuke Matsuzaka 0.205
DET Armando Galarraga 0.205
MIN Kevin Slowey 0.208
CLE Cliff Lee 0.212
BAL Daniel Cabrera 0.221
"BABIP?  Who's BABIP?"