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Rookie Call-Ups: Max Scherzer, Jeff Clement And Wladimir Balentin

Yesterday, Diamondbacks' manager Bob Melvin announced rookie pitcher Max Scherzer will take the spot in the rotation previously occupied by Edgar Gonzalez.  This should make Scherzer the hottest pick-up of the 2008 season since Johnny Cueto struck 10 in the first week of April.

The question, though, becomes who do you drop to add him.  Rich Hill?  A.J. Burnett?  Raul Ibanez?  Adam Jones?  I put a claim in for Scherzer in all five of my Yahoo! leagues, and this is who I would drop - Jason Giambi, John Danks, Milton Bradley, Carlos Silva.  In my 5th league, I have the #1 waiver spot, and it is an NL-Only league.  I needn't drop anyone as I have a couple players on the D.L. and the open roster spots.

How about Mariners' call-up Jeff Clement, listed at UTIL in Yahoo! leagues because he made four appearances last year as a DH.  Do you drop a catcher to add him to your roster and go without a 2nd catcher until, if, he gets catcher-eligibility?  He made his 2008 debut last night as a late-inning fill-in.

In single-catcher leagues, Clement doesn't merit a pick-up unless you have a deep bench and/or obvious players to drop.  Of the four I hope to drop for Scherzer, I'm not sure I'd drop any for Clement.

The same applies for fellow Mariners' rookie OF Wladimir Balenten.  He hit a three-run HR last night, but I am not sure he merits anything but a note in standard mixed leagues.  My expectations are set at 20 HRs and a .260 AVG for the season.  If you have a player worse than that in your OF, you could take the chance on him, but, remember, my guess is just that and assumes full-time ABs.

FWIW, Baseball Prospectus projected Balentin to hit 17 HRs and hit .233 with 10 SB over a fukll season.  Clement is similar sans the SB at 16 HRs and .249.