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B.J. Upton Injured?

The Tampa Bay Rays haven't had time for the ational media to bask in their glorious April, and star centerfielder B.J. Upton is removed mid-at-bat after foluing a ball off his foot.  I mention the foot because that is what appeared to happen.

However, replays show him clutching his left wrist after the swing.  It is the possibility of a wrist injury that prompts me to this over-reacting post.  I haven't had visions in my head like this since I started cheeking my meds.  Power-sapping, season-ending hamate bone surgery is all I can see right now.

As more information comes available, I will update this post.

Update [2008-5-1 14:10:18 by Eric Hz]: The St. Pete Times reports Upton looks like he hurt his shoulder. Without the benefit of the game being archived at, I can't reconcile that with what I saw.

Update [2008-5-1 14:58:52 by Eric Hz]: Looks like BJ's left shoulder popped out. No hamate bone issues. Maybe I should stop cheeking my meds.