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New York Yankees: Derek Jeter and Jorge Posada

Derek Jeter is going to miss the next two games in the hope he will be able to return for this weekend's first of six series against the Boston Red Sox.  Until that occurs, Wilson Betemit will grab all the ABs at SS.

How can I say that?  Easily, the Yankees, like most teams in the majors now, carry twelve pitchers.  As a result, the Yanks have just four bench hitters.  One of those must be a catcher.  That leaves just three hitters to back-up the outfield, corners and middle infield positions.  Shelly Duncan fills the back-up OF role.  Morgan Ensberg gets the corner one, and Betemit has the middle infield all to himself.

This means for the very short-term, Betemit is a 20 HR SS.  If you have to do it, then start Betemit until Jeter returns or goes on the DL.  If Jeter hits the DL, expect the Yankees to recall a middle infielder.  

Catcher Jorge Posada allowed four stolen bases against the KC Royals yesterday and was removed in the 7th inning.  Was Posada's throwing shoulder still bothering him?  Regardless, the next time he is behind the plate expect the opposing team to run until he proves capable of throwing out base runners.

The results of today's MRI will go a long way towards answering that question without another Bardian effort behind the plate.  If Posada needs to go on the DL, the Yankees offense will be considerably weakened especially if it is paired with a 15-day DL stint for Derek Jeter.