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Braves' Prospect Jordan Schafer Suspended For HGH Use

In the off-season, I traded Dodgers' closer Takashi Saito for Lastings Milledge and the #2 pick in an NL-Only minor league draft.  That #2 pick turned out to be Atlanta Braves CF Jordan Schafer.  He was selected ahead of San Diego padres' 2B Matt Antonelli and Milwaukee Brewers' LF Matt LaPorta.

Today news breaks that Schafer has been suspended 50 games for "the use of Human Growth Hormone."  After a poor 2006 where he hit .240, he broke through as one of the game's top minor leaguers in 2007.

Enough information has been put into the public's use that claim HGH does not improve performance.  How that "evidence" will get a fair shake following Schafer's revelations is hard to see.  

I know I have a vested interest in hoping that evidence is incorrect.  If so, then Schafer's timetable for arrival in Atlanta is barely altered.  If not, then...

What I am more curious to learn is how Schafer was caught given their is no test for HGH.  That is the bigger question.