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FFL Mock Draft 2008 - Andre Johnson, TJ Houshmandzadeh, Ryan Grant

The end of my review of's Fantasy 2008 Mock Draft and by now you're probably thinking to yourself "I'd kick butt in this fantasy league".  You're right, you would.

#22 Andre Johnson, WR, Hou - Johnson is one of the most consistent WRs in fantasy and he's proven he can produce no matter who is throwing him the ball.  I'm worried about the sorry state of the Texans' running game, though if they can address that Johnson should put up Top 5 WR-type numbers this season.  Buy!

#23 T.J. Houshmandzadeh, WR, Cin - No arguments here, though it's important to keep an eye on disgruntled teammate Chad Johnson (who wants a trade) and whoever takes over for Chris Henry.  If opposing teams can double-team Housh all game long, he'll never come close to last year's totals.

#24 Ryan Grant, RB, GB - Here's a guy that should be a great second round pick. After two short appearances early in the season, he had 929 rush yds and 8 TDs in only 10 games.  Project those numbers out and you're looking at a top five fantasy running back.  The big question, of  course, is whether or not Aaron Rodgers can keep the high-powered Packers offense running smoothly.  If teams don't fear the passing game, Grant is going to have a hard slog every week.