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Chicago White Sox And Toronto Blue Jays: Early Season Statistical Flukes?

With almost one week in the books, a look at the team leaders in stolen bases reveals one big surprise.  The Toronto Blue Jays are 8th in MLB with six stolen bases.  I recall reading something about the Jays deciding to run more this year, but I paid it little heed, though.

Just like the Jays eschewed high school draftees after the A's did it, then drafted Travis Snyder two years ago after the A's got back into drafting high schoolers.  Now the the Jays are built around defense and pitching just like the A's are.  I didn't see the A's start to steal bases, so I didn't think the Jays would either.

Of course, those six SBs are evenly split between two players.  Alex Rios and Marcus Scutaro have three apiece.  This is a first week stat that bears watching, but I don't expect it to last.

Another interesting team statistic is the top OBP teams.  The Chicago White Sox clock in at 4th overall at .360.  The team spent the Winter trying to improve on last season's dismal MLB-worst .318.  

While Paul Konerko and Nick Swisher are drawing walks at unsustainable paces, DH Jim Thome has drawn just one.  I expect this team stat to continue and to see its effects in reflected in better RBI totals for White Sox hitters.