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AL-Only Minor League Draft Help

Here are the 24 selections in my AL-Only 4x4 keeper draft. Just like the NL one, we can protect five minor leaguers each year so the penetration into the minor league systems are very deep. One thing to note is last season's draft was a generally poor one. I don't feel the same way about this one.

I did have nine selections,though, so it may just be a bit of cognitive dissonance avoidance on my part. I've bolded my selections.

Pick POS Player Team
1 C Matt Weiters BAL
2 OF Carlos Gonzalez OAK
3 OF Desmond Jennings TB
4 3B Brandon Wood LAA
5 OF Austin Jackson NYY
6 1B Chris Davis TEX
7 SP Rick Porcello DET
8 SS Mike Moustakas KC
9 C Taylor Teagarden TEX
10 SS Carlos Truinfel SEA
11 OF Ryan Royster TB
12 SS Elvis Andrus TEX
13 SP David Price TB
14 OF Ben Francisco OF
15 SP Gio Gonzalez OAK
16 1B Beau Mills CLE
17 OF Nick Weglarz CLE
18 SP David Huff CLE
19 RP Eduardo Morlan TB
20 OF Michael Saunders SEA
21 OF John Mayberry JR TEX
22 3B Mike Costanzo BAL
23 1B Jesus Montero NYY
24 1B Chris Carter OAK

There are also a slew of other AL players mentioned in the Comment section of this post