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Chris Henry Cut By Bengals, Could He End Up In New England?

The Cincinnati Bengals released troubled WR Chris Henry today after he arrested for the sixth time since 2005, this time for assault.

Henry was suspended for the first half of last season (for the prior five arrests) and while the NFL isn't commenting yet, it's safe to assume that he faces another suspension if he's found guilty.

The fantasy impact on the Bengals should be minimal - Chad Johnson and TJ Houshmandzadeh did just fine without Henry last season - but there was the possibility that Henry could elevate the Bengals from a very-good passing offense to a Colts-level passing offense where the #3 WR became a real fantasy option.  Sigh, Henry was one of my big sleepers this year for that reason. That won't happen now, as the only WRs behind the Big Two are Glenn Holt and Antonio Chatman.  Cincinnati has four draft picks in rounds 6 and 7 of the NFL Draft though, so expect to see them take a shot at some rookies late.

As far as Henry goes, there's no way you should draft him unless he's cleared of all charges.  If he is, then he becomes a very interesting fantasy option.  If he were to end up with a team that needs an WR and is not afraid to take on a troublemaker - think Dallas, Philadelphia or New England - he should be a legitimate #2 WR.