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NFL Draft Fantasy Fallout - Brian Brohm

When Falcons' former Head Coach Bobby Petrino abandoned the team, he upset a lot of people.  There was probably nobody more upset about it than Louisville QB Brian Brohm (56th overall).   With Petrino controlling the draft, there's a very good chance the Falcons would've taken Brohm with the #3 pick in the draft.  Instead, Brohm dropped all the way down to #56.  Now there's somebody else that hates Petrino.

Brohm's free-fall down the draft was surprising, but even more surprising was the fact that it was the Green Bay Packers that finally grabbed him.  With Brett Favre having finally retired (he's still retired, right?), everybody assumed the job would be handed to Aaron Rodgers.   Rodgers, a former first round pick (#24 overall in 2005), had been riding the bench and learning from the master so that he'd be ready to take over.  Now that Favre is gone, what do the Packers do?  Run out and spend a second round pick on a quarterback.

You don't have to be Bart Starr to see where this is going.  There had been rumors floating around for years that Rodgers wasn't quite ready to be a starting quarterback.  Now, after three years on the bench, he's apparently still not ready.   The Packers want to push Rodgers hard and drafting Brohm was their way of doing it.  I get it.  But is it all a bluff, or if Rodgers stumbles will the Packers make the hard call and start Brohm?

I have no idea.  

This is a fantasy decision that will come down to the last week of training camp - and maybe not even then.  The Packers could make an early decision (either way), which would be best for fantasy owners.  The Pack could make a last minute switch (like the Leftwich-Garrard episode last season) and screw over a lot of fantasy owners.  They could even do the first game switcheroo the way the Browns did with Derek Anderson.   There's no way to know right now.  

If Brohm does get the job, there's every reason to believe he'll succeed.  The Packers have a monstrous offensive line to protect him, a young stud (and position depth) at RB and a great receiving corps including a speedy new rookie.  This is a Green Bay team that won 13 games in 2007, there aren't a lot of holes here.

If Brohm wins the starting job before your fantasy draft, grab him as a legitimate QB2.  If the starter is still up in the air, consider taking Brohm late in the draft.  The upside potential with this guy makes him worth a late flyer.