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Max Scherzer, Joba Chamberlain And Other Fantasy Notes

The next Joba Chamberlain made his major league debut last night.  Arizona Diamondback Max Scherzer mopped-up for four innings last night and struck out seven Astros.  For a team 5.5 games in front after 27 games, this has to be disheartening for the 2nd through 5th place teams in the NL West.

First half of April wunderkind, Johnny Cuetto, got bombed last night and now has an unsightly ERA of 5.40.  The season is still young, but I find this progression of Ks per start more disturbing than I know I should - 10, 8, 6, 5, 2, 2.

On Monday, the Angels called up top hitting prospect Brandon Wood and sat him so Robb Quinlan can play 3B.  Whether the team recognized the developmentally-retarding error of its way or not, Wood started last night at 3B and went 1-2 with a walk and strikeout.  He hit 9th while SS Erick Ayabr moved from his typically nine-hole to 5th.  There are still something not quite right with that.

A day after designating Jason Botts for assignment, the team started Chris Shelton at 1B.  He proceeded to reward that decision with an 0-5 with two Ks.  Can the Rangers not find a decent 1B situation?  Would the team rush 1B Chris Davis from AA for what looks like a last place 2008 team?

Former Brewers' ace Ben Sheets returned to the hill last night.  He walked seven batters and struck out just two.  He still got the win, though.  The Cubs have turned into walk-taking machines - 2nd in OBP at .369 and 3rd in total walks with 121, so I am not ready to get more anxious about the seven-walk effort.  Yet

In the pre-season, the projected Wins total for Johan Santana peaked at the ridiculous 22 that projected.  Given the typical #1 starter only makes 34 starts, I doubted any starter could win that many games given the current state of pitching strategy.  Last night, Santana leaves in 6th inning with 4-2 lead.  His bullpen blows his win.  To get to 22 Wins, any pitcher would need every lucky break to fall his way.  Allowing two runs and not getting the win does not qualify as "lucky".

Scott Proctor threw two innings in his 13th appearance in 26 games this season.  The math is simple.  He is on pace for 80 appearances.  Welcocome back, Joe Torre!

New York Yankees' expected wunderkind Phil Hughes was bombed again.  Quick keep Joba in the 8th inning because he is a lights out middle reliever!  Who needs to get the lead to the 8th inning when Joba is just so darn good.  Bring up Darrell Rasner or Kei Igawa so the Yankees can have a lights out 8th inning reliever!