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FFL Mock Draft 2008 - Jamal Lewis, Larry Fitzgerald, Reggie Wayne

I'm reviewing the second round of the 12-team 2008 Mock Draft and with four non-RBs taken in the first round, there are still plenty of solid first-round-worthy RBs left.

#13 Jamal Lewis, RB, Cle - I do not like Jamal Lewis.  I certainly don't like him at #13 overall.  He's far too inconsistent: last year he had a game where he ran for 216 yards and another game where he ran 20 times for only 37 yards but had four touchdowns.  How are you supposed to plan for that?   He did finish strong last season, rolling up 501 rushing yards in his final four games.  Still don't like him though.

#14 Larry Fitzgerald, WR, Arz - Fourteen seems to be a bit high for Fitzgerald considering his quarterback is still mostly untested (I mean as a quarterback, when it comes to STDs he's probably well-tested).  I know Fitzgerald can catch just about anything thrown by anybody, but ranking him above guys like TO and Chad Johnson is optimistic until we know just how good Leinart is.

#15 Reggie Wayne, WR, Ind - You do know how good Wayne's quarterback is, so you can feel confident about how he will perform.  However, if Marvin Harrison is back in good health and Anthony Gonzalez continues to improve, they will take some production away from Reggie.  Don't expect 104 receptions again this season.