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Johnny Cueto, JJ Putz Injury Update & Other Pre-Draft Thoughts

Reds rookie pitcher Johnny Cueto opened his major league careeer with five perfect frames and eight strikeouts.  I watched on, and the announcers were ecstatic about him - the Arizona Diamondbacks announcers!  I believe they said a "young Pedro" to define their ecstasy properly.  I can only imagine what the Reds announcers said.

With a fastball in the 95 MPH area, a slider in the 89 MPH and a change-up at 84, one has to wonder how far off those visiting color guys are.

How much does this appearance effect his draft value in NL-Only auctions occurring tonight and through the weekend?  Does a 4x4 or 5x5 format make a difference?

Steve (Dayton, OH): Keith, are you watching Johnny Cueto right now? How good is this guy going to be?

Keith Law: (1:51 PM ET ) He's not exactly facing the '27 Yankees here. But he should be very good.

Brian (NYC): Hey Keith...for this season only, Cueto or Liriano?

Keith Law: (2:21 PM ET ) Cueto. I'd take the rookie over the guy coming off TJ surgery, just because the latter pitcher is likely to have some major ups and downs in his command.


The Colorado Rockies started Jeff Baker at 2B today.  This is fortuitous for those NL-Only leagues yet to draft who keep the classic Rotisserie eligibility rule of one-game appearances for position eligibility once the season begins.  I know I am glad to get him out of my corner spot for my draft tonight.  (NOTE: I had him on a contract at $7 and would have incurred a $5 draft penalty to cut him; so I kept him.)


Will Carroll's Under The Knife is up.  Available for non-subscribers are injury updates on JJ Putz and Jorge Posada.  Will says Putz should miss just over the minimum if the injury is "mild" like the team says and not like being stabbed with an ice pick as Putz reported the pain to be.

Does reading partial articles seem like watching scramble porn on cable?