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Did You Get Greedy And Other Fantasy Notes

Did you do it?  Did you take your winnings and leave or did you think the lucky streak was more than that and you found the way to break the bank?  Minnesota Twins' SP Livan Hernandez allowed 10 runners and seven earned runs in 2.2 innings today to take his ERA from 3.55 to a more expected 5.05.

With RHP Brian Bruney on DL and likely out for the season, Joba Chamberlain has had one more roadblock put in front of him that will serve to retard his development as a starting pitcher.  Despite carrying 11 other pitchers, the Yankees will be hard-pressed to stick to their plan of easing Joba into the starting rotation by limiting his innings this season to the 140 area.  Bruney was the team's 2nd most reliable middle reliever, and his absence leaves no one but Joba as a reliable bridge to closer Mariano Rivera.

Listening to this week's Baseball HQ podcast, I heard Rick Wilton say the current power struggles of Washington Nationals 3B Ryan Zimmerman could very well be related to the wrist surgery he had in November.  Mr. Wilton says a description of that surgery sounded very much like hamate bone surgery, and, as a result, he expects Zimmerman to struggle to get to 20 HRs.

Also mentioned was the condition of Gary Sheffield's twice-cortisoned shoulder.  Rick Wilton stated he would turn down any discounted offer for Gary Sheffield.  He may, but I wouldn't.  I'll send Sheffield's owner Michael Cuddyer.

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