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The Most Obvious Sell High Player In Fantasy Baseball

Cliff Lee of the Cleveland Indians is leading the majors with a stat line consisting of 31.2 innings pitched, 11 hits, 2 walks and 29 Ks.  With 4 Wins, he has been the best starting pitcher of 2008.

There is little doubt he is also the one player who should be a the top of any serious Sell High list.  When a starting pitcher's BABIP is .153 and the best BABIPs of starting pitchers are in the .275 area over a full season (teammate C.C. Sabathis had a .316 last year), one needn't have a Ph.D in Statistics to know something is going to give in a bad way for Lee.

The challenge in the face of Lee's overwhelming statistics is not the rational thought of selling high, but the irrational impulse of his owners to not sell high until any of Lee's new value all but disappears.  Try offering a mid-tier hitter for Lee like Ryan Zimmerman or Hideki Matsui and see how quickly you will be turned down.  This for a pitcher who wasn't even drafted in most mixed-league formats!

What do other people think is a fair offer for Lee in a mixed league format?  An Al-Only one?


If you owned Cliff Lee, would you trade him for Ryan Zimmerman?

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