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Mocking The Draft Talks With Fake Teams

Right now there's only one site I check daily for NFL Draft News, and that's Mocking The Draft, our SBNation sister blog covering everything you need to know about the NFL Draft.  It's also hosting the SBNation NFL Mock Draft, which is now finishing up the 2nd round.  It's a great blog and I highly recommend it.

The author of Mocking the Draft is Matt Miller, and as you can imagine he's busier than Olympic Torch Security right now.   Not only is he providing expert commentary on every single pick in the SBNation Mock Draft, he's also updating his downloadable NFL Draft guide and running his own scouting business.  Whew!  

Even with all that, he was gracious enough to spend some time to answer a few fantasy related questions.   Thanks to Matt for taking the time to share his insights with Fake Teams readers.

Fake Teams: Everybody knows the Falcons desperately need a quarterback.  Do they take Matt Ryan if he's available at #3?  With three second round picks, who do the Falcons look for at QB if they can't get/pass on Ryan?
Mocking The Draft: It looks more and more like the Falcons will pass on Matt Ryan at #3 if Glenn Dorsey is still available to them. Having so many picks, Atlanta is in a good position to trade back into the 1st round and select a quarterback after the #3 pick.

FT: Highly-drafted wide receivers are usually terrible fantasy picks their rookie seasons: Ted Ginn, Jr 2007, Troy Williamson 2005 and Mike Williams 2005 were all top ten draft picks.  Is there a first round WR in this year's draft who can be a fantasy star this season?
MTD:There is not from a wide receiver aspect alone. DeSean Jackson is a likely first round pick who will be able to contribute as a return man and could provide nice fantasy value as a dual-threat.

FT: The Lions got rid of probably their top two running backs (Kevin Jones and TJ Duckett) during the off-season.  It seems as though they desperately need an RB in this draft.  What draft-day tragedy does Matt Millen have in store for us this year?
MTD: I'm not sure that Millen ever has a real strategy, but looking ahead the Lions must add a running back, possibly a young quarterback and multiple starters on defense. The Lions will have a choice between Rashard Mendenhall and Jonathan Stewart, both very capable franchise running backs.