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Injury Updates For Scott Kazmir & Chad Cordero Along With Other Baseball Prospectus Stuff

Will Carroll's Under The Knife column includes this gem about how Yankees' manager Joe Girardi will add alpha to the Yankees' clubhouse:

the Yankees are removing all candy from the clubhouse. Joe Girardi feels the team isn't in good enough shape.

Outside of that, non-subscribers can read injury updates on Scott Kazmir and Chad Cordero above the fold and Josh Beckett and Ben Sheets in yesterday's column.

Here is some more scrambled porn/above the fold reading (pick your metaphor) from Kevin Goldstein's Future Shock series.  In it, he talks about the Chicago White Sox top prospect, Aaron Poreda.  The initial prognosis on last year's  1st round picks certainly looks like "reliever'.  At least from my between-the-lines reading.

Finally, there is free(r?) content available in Marc Normandin's BP Fantasy Beat column.  He looks at several players from a VORPy pespective.  Amongst those covered are A's OF Travis Buck, Astros' OF Hunter Pence and Nationals' OF Austin Kearns.

While Travis Buck was just DL-ed to make room for DH Frank Thomas, one has to wonder if the time off will get Buck's head on straight or if he is done as a viable major league player.  Right now, I suspect the former to be more likely but the latter is what his 2008 efforts point towards.

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