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The Los Angeles Dodgers And Fantasy Notes From Yesterday

Chin-Lung Hu started at second base for the Dodgers and went 2-3 with a walk.  On the season he has drawn four free passes which, on the surface, is very encouraging for the presumptive starting SS in 2009.  Unfortunately, he has strukc out five times in 18 ABs this year and three of those four walks are of the intentional ilk.

In the same game, RF Matt Kemp hit 7th against the tough right-hander Danny Haren.  I wouldn't be so concerned if the Dodgers had a better right-handed hitter available to hit higher in the line-up, but Nomar Garciaparra batting clean-up is not that hitter.  Granted, the season is just 3.5 weeks old and there is plenty of time for Kemp to mash in the heart of the Dodgers' order, but babying Kemp against right-handed pitchers is a waste when the alternative is Nomar.  nevermind, most pitchers are right-handed and would result in Kemp hitting low in theline-up nearly every night.

Giants' rookie SS Manny Burris stole his first base after being inserted as a pinch-runner and later got his first hit.  Don't know if he is a viable option at SS but he can't be much worse as a hitter than Bocock at .180 can he?

Sticking with the surprisingly good Giants, 2B Eugenio velez stole his 3rd base of the season.  He entered 2008 as the hip sleeper pick for big steals after swiping 16 in Spring Training.  Somehow his 2008 totals can't help but be considered disappointing.  Yet I recall the fantasy rule-of-thumb that players didn't begin stealing bases until the weather warmed.  Is that still true?

Minnesota Twins' CF Carlos Gomez is hitting .230 after a massive 6-44 slump.  He was given last night off for "a breather" according to manager Ron Gardenhire.  With RF Michael Cuddyer coming off the DL on Friday, I wouldn't be shocked to see Gomez sent to AAA and Denard Span given a reprieve.  All reports claim the opposite, but people change their minds in baseball all the time.

To snap the SB meme, Colorado Rockies' closer MannY Corpas blew another save last night.  His manager Clint Hurdle immediately expressed reservations about Corpas' continuance in that role. A safe move for fantasy players would be to roster Brien Funtes - last year's closer who lost the job due to an injury.  Why Hurdle would be so quick with the hook is a different issue although I am sure Milwaukee Brewers' fans are wishing Ned Yost would get a little more antsy with his closer.