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C.C. Sabathia Returns! And Other Fantasy Notes

Cleveland Indians' ace and $100+MM free-agent-in-waiting C.C. Sabathia threw six shutout innings and struck out eleven Kansas City Royals last night.  That effort is enough to make his owners rewrite history to read, "I always thought it was just a small sample issue, and it was other less sophisticated people who thought it was anything more than that."

The level of concern for Detroit Tigers ace Justin Verlander never reached the heights that it did for C.C., but he also threw a gem last night to alleviate any concerns.  Despite allowing five of his eight runners allowed in the first two innings, Verlander settled down to pitcher six innings of one-run ball to get his 1st 2008 victory.  After his bullpen let 100% of its seven inherited runners score on him, Verlander didn't give them a chance to further damage his ERA.

The St Louis Cardinals gave NL-only fantasy players the best gift the team could - the top-rated 2B in 2008, Albert Pujols!  Well just those leagues with one-appeareance postion eligibility.  Pujols appeared at 2B in yesterday's game.  Imagine if he had to make a throw and blew his elbow out?

The Detroit Tigers announced that $150+MM Miguel Cabrera is now the first baseman and converted-SS Carlos Guillen is converting from 1B to 3B.  The Tigers spent a lot of money for a firstbaseman, didn't they?  Hopefully the fact he is 24 outweights the fact $100+MM contracts for 1B do not look good a couple/three seasons later - Albert Pujols notwithstanding.

Milwaukee Brewers' closer Eric Gagne blew his 4th save yesterday in 10 chances.  The season is young but that is a lot of blown saves for a guy who is the closer.  The question is who is next in line.  Salomon Torres has been pitching the 8th inning and would look to be next in line.  Earlier this season, David Riske looked like the closer-in-waiting, but he is spending his time showing-up in the 6th and 7th innings.