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SBNation NFL Mock Draft - DeShaun Jackson, Brian Brohm, Felix Jones

I'm back from my trip and ready -- Ready I tell you! -- for the NFL Draft.  Just to wrap things up, here is the last part of my review of the first round of the SBNation NFL Mock Draft.  The draft is being hosted at Mocking The Draft which is the place to go for all your NFL Mock Draft needs.

I'm only covering the fantasy-worthy mock draft picks right now, I'll get into the details of linemen and IDPs after the draft.  

For now, here are three guys that will (or should be) drafted in your fantasy football league next season.  

#20 - Tampa Bay Buccaneers - WR DeShaun Jackson, California.   Ike Hilliard?  Joey Galloway?  The Bucs need a wide receiver that opposing defenses have to worry about.  And since Jackson will run back kicks as well, he's worth bonus points if your fantasy league scores returns.  Now if we only knew which of the Bucs' seven quarterbacks will be throwing the ball next season.

#25 - Seattle Seahawks - QB Brian Brohm, Louisville.  It's a good long-term draft pick for the Seahawks, the kind of pick that good franchises make.  However, it won't help fantasy football owners at all to have (maybe) the best quarterback in the draft sitting on the bench holding a clipboard.

#28 - Dallas  Cowboys - RB Felix Jones, Arkansas.  Aaaaarggh!  This is absolutely frustrating, like when you're in the mood to watch some good TV and the only thing on is CSI:Miami.  Fantasy owners have spent the past few years watching Marion Barber handcuffed to the ineffectual Julius Jones.  Now the Cowboys will handcuff him to the talented Felix Jones, minimizing the fantasy value of both backs.  What did Barber do to deserve this?  Isn't having a girl's name punishment enough?