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Leading American League Cy Young, MVP and ROY

Baseball Happenings has begun a dynamic feature that draws on the collective knowledge of the blogging community to provide intelligence on which players are currently considered the leading contenders for the big three baseball awards - MVP, Cy Young and ROY - for the American and National leagues.  Last week, he had the initial results for the NL.

This week's AL voting should be available later today.  Here is the way I voted.  My biases for voting in the Cy Young and MVP awards lean towards those hitters and pitchers playing on contending teams.  ROY determination is not tied are strongly to his team's record, but good rookies on expected paly-off contenders will get additional consideration.

AL Cy Young:

  1.  Javier Vasquez Chicago White Sox
  2.  Daisake Matzusaka Boston Red Sox
  3.  Ervin Santan Los Angeles Angels
This was a tough call as the Indians' Cliff Lee and the Royals' Zach Greinke have been outstanding, but both their clubs are under .500.  I can't see myself, or the actual CY Young voters choosing a pitcher from a sub-.500 club.


  1.  Manny Ramirez Boston Red Sox
  2.  Chone Figgins Los Angeles Angels
  3.  Kevin Youkilis Boston Red Sox
So far, the American League does not have the MVP-esque production one normally expects - big AVG, big HRs and Big RBIS.  Manny Ramirez covers all three and gets the 1st place vote.  After that, it came down to OBP (Chone Figgins) and OPS plus defensive contribution (Kevin Youkilis).  Assuming the Baltimore Orioles can stay above .500, RF Nick Markakis will be in the conversation.


  1.  Nick Blackburn Minnesota Twins
  2.  David Murphy Texas Rangers
  3.  Joba Chamberlain New york Yankees
Enjoy the time in the top two spots, Mssrs. Blackburn and Murphy.  Joba lost a third of the season due to a family illness, and Tampa Bay Ray Evan Longoria hasn't been up for long enough.  In two weeks, this could be the two-man race most expect it will be.