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The Worst Fantasy Baseball Season Contest

Update [2008-4-30 6:22:43 by Eric Hz]: This will stay at the top of the page all day. New posts will be below this.

To a man, woman, site, magazine and podcast, fantasy experts advise fantasy owners to ignore the horror that April brings to fantasy teams and prepare your roster for the May push where performance sample sizes increase to provide a more solid basis for informed fantasy decisions.  Is there any better time for Fake Teams and Baseball Prospectus to team up and help the beleaguered fantasy owner with the tools necessary to right that sinking ship you call your fantasy team?

No!  Starting today and running through April 30, Fake Teams and Baseball Prospectus will award the most awful 2008 fantasy horror story with an annual subscription to Baseball Prospectus.  In addition to full access to Will Carroll's "Under The Knife" column, fantasy owners with be able to access the PECOTA player cards, and spreadsheet, along with Will's Team Health Report Matrix in BP's Fantasy section.

You also get the Team Tracker feature which "allows users to define rosters for up to 25 teams and get convenient, up-to-date reports on their 2008 performance and trends," and the Depth Charts which provide "careful estimations of playing time based on our objective estimates and accounting for as many subjective factors as possible" to help you determine who to target to make your fantasy team better.

If that isn't enough, you will be able to keep up-to-date with the hottest minor league prospects with Kevin Goldstein's "Future Shock: Monday Ten Pack" which highlights ten minor leaguers and/or college players who have to be on the radar for the forward-looking fantasy owner.

To enter, you must have a Fake Teams user account (sign-up here and submit your 2008 fantasy horror story in the Comment section.  If you're afraid someone may "steal" your experience, email it to me via Contact Fake Teams in the upper right corner of the website.  Once the winner is determined, there must be some sort of proof that you, in fact, had the team that inflicted the horror.

May your bad luck in April turn into good luck in May thanks to Fake Teams and Baseball Prospectus!