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Fantasy Baseball Week In Review

With three weeks in the books, the sample sizes of performance are still small enough that a few great/horrible starts to the season by players expected to be key contributors can explain your current standings.  Here are some from my seven fantasy baseball teams.

Remember the standard for good in mixed leagues and AL-/NL-Only leagues will be different.  There will be no mention of middle relievers in mixed leagues while an -Only league could have one thanks to the dimished player pool.

Yahoo! Public League, 10th of 12:
Best Player(s): Miguel Tejeada, Aaron Harang
Worst Player(s):  Rickie Weeks, Ryan Zimmerman, Alfonso Soriano, Delmon Young and on and on.

Fantasy Baseball Writers, 4th of 12 thanks to an 11.5 point loss on Sunday:
Best Player(s): Justin Upton, BJ Upton, Alex Rodriguez, Jake Peavy, Tim Lincecum, Chien-Ming Wang
Worst Player(s): Rickie Weeks, Troy Tulowitzki

Shallow Standard Mixed, 3rd or 12:
Best Player(s): Matt Holliday, Nick Markakis, Justin Upton, Brandon Webb
Worst Player(s):  David Ortiz, AJ Burnett

Fake Teams NL-Only 4x4, 5th of 10:
Best Player(s): Justin Upton, Ryan Theriot, Brian McCann, Kyle Lohse
Worst Player(s): Jose Bautista, Manny Parra

Fake Teams H2H, 4-5-1 and 16-12-2 overall:
Best Player(s):  Hanley Ramirez, Brandon Webb
Worst Player(s): Placido Polanco

AL-Only 4x4, 10th of 12:
Best Player(s): Carlos Gomez, Kevin Youkilis, Brian Bannister, CJ Wilson, Joba Chamberlain
Worst Player(s): David Ortiz, Jose Guillen, Travis Buck, Eric O'Flaherty, Justin Verlander

NL-Only 4x4, 3rd of 12:
Best Player(s): Chase Utley, Derrek Lee, Nate McLouth, Justin Germano, Brian Wilson, Johan Santana, Jair Jurrjens
Worst Player(s): Carlos Ruiz, Aaron Heilman, Oscar Villareal