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Pedro Martinez And Other Fantasy Notes From Yesterday

Thank you to Chris Liss of the "Rotowire Fantasy Sports Hour" on Xm Radio Channel 144 for having me on last night's show.  One topic we touched on was the Dodgers' line-up from yesterday's 3-2 win against the San Francisco Giants.  Andre Ethier was again starting, but Matt Kemp wasn't.  Juan Pierre got the start in his place.

This looks no better than manager Joe Torre's decision not to extend Pierre's consectuive game streak the nigh before.  Why make that irreversible decision and then start Pierre the next day?  Over the team's best hitter?  Any celebrating over Juan Pierre's head being on a spike was premature.

Pedro Martinez left his 2008 debut after a poping in his hamstring.  This could force the Mets into a temporary rotation of Johan Santana, John Maine, Oliver Perez, Mike Pelfrey and who?  With little pitching or prospect depth, a black cloud just settled over Flushing.  Worse, Pedro was getting hit hard by one of the worst teams in the National League before exiting down 4-0.

Houston Astros' CF Michael Bourn went 0-3 but walked twice.  He also stole his third base.  As long as he takes walks, he will be a lock to play everyday.  That will result in 50+ SBs.  The caution, though, is he is playing agains the San Diego Padres who ability to prevent SBs may test historical lows.

Daisuke Matsuzaka threw a gem against the Oakland A's.  After two starts, he has 15 Ks in 11.2 IP.  Before gettign too excited, he racked-up these numbers against a very weak hitting A's team.  Pundits expectations aside, the line-up being used by Oakland rivals the one from across the Bay in badness.

Angels' SS Erick Aybar started all Spring long and looked to have produced enough to win the SS job.  The regualr season begins, and, two games in, he hasn't played yet.  WTF.  I just take solace in the fact I did not read into the whole starting-all-Spring-and-producing thing to extend the better Aybar brother an extra year on my fantasy squad.