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Buy Low/ Sell Now Fantasy Baseball Pitchers

Here is a complete list of pitchers who have ERAs higher than 6.00 and are currently eligiblie to win the ERA title.    Unlike hitters, not all of them are "buy low" candidates. Nor do they qualify as "sell now" candidates because some of them aren't good enough to be considered rosterable in standard mixed leagues.  If you have them in AL- or NL-Only leagues, then sleep in the bed you made!

All that said, I have little doubt that at least one will have a bad 2008.  I just don't know exactly who it will be.

Here are this season's buy low/sell now pitchers who have ERAs greater than 6:

  1.  Gil Meche 6.08
  2.  Carlos Villanueva 6.19
  3.  Kenny Rogers 6.33
  4.  Matt Cain 6.64
  5.  Roy Oswalt 6.65
  6.  Matt Morris 7.02
  7.  Dave Bush 7.02
  8.  Justin Verlander 7.03
  9.  Ted Lilly 9.16
  10.  Andrew Miller 9.68
  11.  C.C. Sabathia 13.50