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Buy Low/ Sell Now Fantasy Baseball Hitters

Here is a partial list of players who are hitting less than .200.    Most are "buy low" candidates, but some are "sell now" candidates because this slow start is a sign of an upcoming poorer-than-expected season.  The winning fantasy player will move the "sell nows" and avoid continuing disappointment.  

None of that is hard to write.  The challenge in determining which ones.  My picks for most likely to be sell now candidates are Asdrubal Cabrera, Andruw Jones and Jack Cust.

Here are some of this season's buy low/sell now candidates:

  1.  Ivan Rodriguez .189
  2.  Brad Hawpe .188
  3.  JJ Hardy .180
  4.  Paul Konerko .176
  5.  Asdrubal Cabrera .173
  6.  Jose Guillen .169
  7.  Robinson Cano .167
  8.  Troy Tulowitzki .167
  9.  Travis Buck .164
  10.  Hunter Pence .161
  11.  Andruw Jones .157
  12.  Jack Cust .146
  13.  David Ortiz .111