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Erik Bedard And Pedro Martinez Injury Update

Once again, Baseball Prospectus has provided the scrambled porn version of Will Carroll's Under The Knife Column for those who can't afford to subscribe.  The latest injury updates for Seattle Mariners' LHP Erik Bedard and New York Mets' Pedro Martinez are above the subscriber fold - to mix metaphors.  There are several others including Will's revelation about why he tabbed Manny Acosta as the Braves closer last week along with updates on Randy Johnson and Alfonso Soriano.

When "torn labrum" and a pitcher of Erik Bedard's importance are paired together, ears perk.  There doesn't seem to be anywhere near the level of concern that pair elicits though, but I am nervous - and I don't own Bedard on any of my fantasy rosters.

Pedro Martinez doesn't bother me as much because I never really believed in him.  Maybe that is because my local papers are New York ones and the endless drama of Pedro over the past three years are become tiresome.  Maybe it was that awful WHIP he posted last September.

Regardless, when big name starting pitchers get hurt, fantasy owners take note.  They either curse those pitchers under their breath because their teams were built around their excellent stats or breathe a sign of relief that the injured pitcher was not on their team - this time.