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Edwin Jackson And Other Fantasy Notes From Yesterday

No sooner do fantasy players notice the great start of Rays SP Edwin Jackson then he goes and gets smacked around by the New York Yankees.  Five earned runs and eight runners allowed later, fantasy players are kicking themselves for believing the fool's gold that is Edwin Jackson.  In 19 innings covering three starts, EJax has walked ten.

The Mariners placed ace left-hander Erik Bedard on the 15-day DL with hip inflamation.  There is no real way to spin this positively except to say the Mariners should feel glad they didn't pursue and sign Bedard to a long-term contract.

The Atlanta Braves placed closer Peter Moylan on the DL with right elbow inflamation.  This turns second-year right-hander Manny Acosta into the team's closer, and the bullpen into a cause for concern.  With most expected contenders struggling with their own bullpens, the market for decent relievers should be frenzied.  The question is who is going to make the 21st century version of the Larry Anderson for Jeff Bagwell trade?

Speaking of expected contenders with bullpen issues, the Cleveland Indians placed their closer, Joe Borowski, on the DL and elevated always-as-bridesmaid-never-a-bride closer-in-waiting Rafael Betancourt to the role every stathead clamored for him to have - the closer job.  I am not a fan of Borowski, but there is no denying the bullpen formula worked for the Indians in 2007.  The question is whether those 6th-8th inning arms can handle the perceived increase in pressure that their roles now entail.