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Leading National League MVP, Cy Young and ROY Candidates

Baseball Happenings has begun a dynamic feature that draws on the collective knowledge of the blogging community to provide intelligence on which players are currently considered the leading contenders for the big three baseball awards - MVP, Cy Young and ROY - for the American and National leagues.  Last week, he had the initial results for the AL.

This week's NL voting should be available later today.  Here is the way I voted.  My biases for voting in the Cy Young and MVP awards lean towards those hitters and pitchers playing on contending teams.  ROY determination is not tied as strongly to his team's record, but good rookies on expected play-off contenders will get additional consideration.

NL Cy Young:

  1.  Brandon Webb, Arizona Diamondbacks
  2.  Jake Peavy San Diego Padres
  3.  Cole Hamels Philadelphia Phillies
  1.  Justin Upton Arizona Diamondbacks
  2.  Albert Pujols St. Louis Cardinals
  3.  Derrek Lee Chicago Cubs
  1.  Kosuke Fukudome Chicago Cubs
  2.  Johnny Cueto Cincinnati Reds
  3.  Geovanny Soto Chicago Cubs

Update [2008-4-15 8:33:54 by Eric Hz]: The NL Results are up.