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Josh Hamilton and Ervin Santana

Watching the Rangers/Angels game, a fantasy player can't help but look at the score in the bottom of the third inning and think, "Why is Ervin Santana so bad on the road?"  I can't answer it, but I was fortunate to get my priorities straight to watch Rangers' CF Josh Hamilton.

Batting third with 13 RBIs so far, one has to marvel at the fact he had not played baseball for four years (2003-2006) and had not made it past High A when he stopped playing.  While he has not stolen bases the way he had in his early seasons (18 in 1999 and 14 in 2000), you could still see that athleticism in the bottom of the third when he went 1st to third on a single to centerfield by Milton Bradley.

Back to Santana, he was given a two-run start and immediately gave-up three runs in the bottom of the 1st.  He did settle down with two shut-out innings after that including getting out of a 2nd & 3rd with one-out bottom of the 3rd.  With an utter lack of quality fantasy pitching in the AL, Santana could be a top third SP in AL-Only formats if he gets a hold of his road woes.