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Another Tough Right-Hander: Chris Young Keeps Matt Kemp On The Bench?

Is it official yet?  Has Dodgers OF Juan Pierre been declared an everyday player?  Last night, Dodgers' manager Joe Torre sat Matt Kemp against last season's Nl Cy Young winner, Jake Peavy, one of the best right-handed pitchers in baseball.  While I do not believe you sit your best hitter against any pitcher, I cannot argue that Peavy is a tough one.

Tonight, Kemp is again on the bench against a right-hander.  This time, though, it is softer-tossing Chris Young.  Is there really any reason for sitting Kemp?  Has he gotten on the wrong side of Torre?

A couple of other notes from the start of tonight's Padres/Dodgers game:

  •  Jackie Chan threw out the 1st pitch to Andruw Jones.  Jones looked gigantic next to Chan.  Either Chan is really small or Jones is a monster.
  •  Raphael Furcal lead-off with a HR.  Juan Pierre followed with a first-pitch slap bunt to third for the 1st out of the game.
  •  Andre Ethier is batting third.  I can't see a 15 HR player as a three-hole hitter.  Kemp really should be playing.
  •  $36MM CF Andruw Jones hit 6th in a Kemp-less line-up.  I fear he is going to be a very old 31 soon enough.  Enjoy the potential HoF talk now.  It'll be gone in two seasons.