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NFL Mock Draft 2008 Roundup - With Fantasy Talk!

It's time for a great big 2008 NFL Mock Draft link dump.  Here are some of the mock drafts I've been keeping an eye on and the fantasy implications of some of their predictions.  

NFL Draft Countdown

  • RB Darren McFadden going to the Jets at #6. That means either Jones or Washington are looking for a job.  Mangini apparently hates Washington's guts, so he's most likely to go -- keep an eye on where he lands.
  • WR DeShaun Jackson going to the Broncos at #12.  There's no reason Jackson couldn't work his way into the #1 slot by the end of the season.
  • RB Rashard Mendenhall going to the Lions at #15.  Do the Lions really need another 5'10" running back?  
Walter Football
  • McFadden going to the Raiders at #4, which might make Michael Bush expendable.  He was projected as a top five overall draft pick before his injury, he's a possible starter on the right team.
  • RB Jonathon Stewart going to the Cardinals at #16 and playing understudy to Edgerrin James this year.   Some would say understudy, I would say new starter after the inevitable Edge injury.
  • WR Limas Sweed going to the Cowboys at #22.  If defenses actually have to worry about who is opposite T.O., there's no telling what kind of stats Owens and Romo could put up.
Draft King
  • QB Matt Ryan going to the Falcons at #3.  Most mocks think the Birds will pass on Ryan and take a QB later on.
  • QB Brian Brohm going to the Ravens at #8.  Everybody thinks the Ravens will draft a QB in this slot  -- either Ryan or Brohm would probably be starting before the end of the season.  Possibly at the beginning of it.
  • RB Felix Jones going to the Cowboys at #22.  The rumors of Jerry Jones trading up for McFadden seem to be dying, but lots of people think there's no way he'll pass on the other Razorback RB.   If this happens somebody needs to put Marion Barber (and fantasy owners who have Barber as a keeper) on suicide watch.
The New NFL Draft
  • WR Malcolm Kelly going to the Bills at #11.  Interesting choice, both Lee Evans and JP Losman (or Trent Edwards for that matter) want and need another WR that can stretch the field.  A game-breaking WR would be huge for the Bills' 2008 season.
  • RB Mendenhall going to the Bears at #14.  Not the only mock to show the Bears taking a RB in the first round.  You mean they're not happy with Cedric Benson? There's a shock.
  • WR James Hardy going to the Titans at #24.  Everybody thinks the Titans are going WR at this position and this mock likes Hardy as the fifth WR taken.  I could see a  higher-ranked WR slide down here, I'd be surprised if that many WRs went in the first round.