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FFL Mock Draft 2008 - Marshawn Lynch, Tony Romo, Randy Moss

Finishing up my review of the first round of's Fantasy Football Mock Draft with two more first rounders that surprisingly aren't running backs.

#10 Marshawn Lynch, RB, Buf - Here's a guy that should be taken far earlier than #10. He finished with more rushing yards than Gore, Addai or Jackson and comes back this year as the offensive leader of the Bills in only his second season.  He could be hamstrung if Buffalo can't work out their quarterback issue, but barring that he's going to be a fantasy star.

#11 Tony Romo, QB, Dal - Considering how RB-heavy fantasy football drafts tend to be, I find it hard to believe that 3 quarterbacks will go in the first 11 picks in most drafts.  I agree that Romo is the #3 fantasy quarterback and that there's a huge dropoff between him and the #4 guy.  But unless you have passing-heavy scoring in your league, I can't see how Romo goes in the first round.  That could change if the Cowboys draft a game-breaking WR in the draft though.  This fence sure is comfortable...

#12 Randy Moss, WR, NE -  Yeah, it's hard to argue with a guy who roped in 23 receiving touchdowns last season, but you have to expect some regression to the mean in 2008.  Last season Moss finished with fewer than 80 yards in four of the last six games, and if not for 60+ yard bombs it would've been six games out of six.  That could've been end-of-season fatigue, or Moss giving up later in the season, or defenses figuring out how to cover him. You decide which one it might be.