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Spring Training Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

  • Jorge Cantu went 1-3 and is now hitting .407 this Spring.  He is on the wrong side of a 3B platoon in Florida, but that should make him even more likely his will slip through the cracks of NL-Only leagues.  Man, 2005 was a looooong time ago.
  • Josh Barfield hit his 1st HR this Spring and is now hitting .300.  He has been written off as a viable major leaguer after last season's debacle.  I'm not so sure.
  • Franklin Morales pitched four innings this afternoon.  He allowed a run and struck out three.  Will he fade to the background with the news today that Clayton Kershaw will remain at Dodgers camp a little longer?
  • Justin Upton stole his 4th base this Spring.  Not BJ.  Justin.  He remains under the radar.  I wouldn't be surprised to see him get to Lastings Milledge's expected value within three weeks.

Update [2008-3-9 22:31:13 by Eric Hz]: Clayton Kershaw's curveball