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Fantasy Sleepers: Contract Year Pushes

After posting the list of 2009 free agents, I have continued to think about a way to identify those players likely to have a breakout season or a return to previous levels of production not seen for a few seasons.  Ivan Rodriguez got me thinking about the possibility of a well-established veteran who has played under the terms of a long-term contract and who is about to get the last chance to wrap-up big bucks before retiring.  Jorge Posada fit this bill coming into 2007.  Pudge does now and does fellow receiver, Jason Varitek.

With the Yankees' game on YES this afternoon, I thought of Jason Giambi and Bobby Abreu.  Both players fit that bill.  Neither has performed near their peak levels for a few years - Giambi across the board and Abreu's power has vanished.  I wouldn't be surprised to see either have a resurgence.

Is there anyone else in a similar situation - well-established and playing for their last long-term contract?


Since subscribing to XM Radio in December 2005, I have been listening to Buckcherry on Channel 41 - da Boneyard.  Until they broke through on pop radio with "Sorry", I had no idea what the band looked like.  I just downloaded their music on my phone as I heard different songs on XM.

Here is a video for one of my favorite Buckcherry songs, "Next to You".  I love the line, "I've been trying all night long/ I put up with your favorite songs all night."