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One Team's AL LABR Draft Results

Update [2008-3-6 10:21:35 by Eric Hz]: An NL-only LABR roster is in the Comment section. This from Rotoscoop.

Chris Liss of Rotowire participated in the AL-Only LABR draft recently. He was kind enough to post his draft results in Rotowire's blog along with his own strategy and analysis of his picks. I heard about this on the return of his fantasy show on XM Radio's Sports Network channel 144. It airs evenings at 11 PM EST.

On the show, he said he was focused on getting production from the scarcer AL positions of catcher, SS and 1B. As a result of this mindset, he jumped the bidding on Joe Mauer from $8 to $22 and got crickets. I know I jump bids $2 or $3 in hopes fo getting people to stop incrementally bidding, but $14 jump? (shaking head)

The outfield is weak, and Joe Mauer doesn't produce enough as a $22 player to make-up for a Travis Buck-led OF. Victor Martinez? Yes. Joe Mauer? No.

However, he landed two players in the reserve round, Andy Marte and Ben Francisco, who could make that a moot point. Marte is out of options and will make the team. With just Casey Blake blocking his rise from the flames, he could provide some value via trade or as an injury replacement. With good corners, I don't see Mr. Liss replacing any of his current ones with Marte.

More strategically important is Francisco. He has been starting all Spring along side CF Grady Sizemore. While Barry Bonds would not be a candidate for reserving if he is on an AL team, Craig Monroe certainly could be.

Pos Player Price
C Joe Mauer 22
C Doug Mirabelli 1
1B Justin Morneau 29
2B Jose Lopez 10
3B Alex Gordon 21
SS Carlos Guillen 30
CI Mike Lamb 9
MI Jhonny Peralta 16
OF J.D. Drew 11
OF Travis Buck 14
OF Jacque Jones 8
OF Barry Bonds 2
OF Craig Monroe 1
U Jason Giambi 8
P Fausto Carmona 19
P A.J. Burnett 19
P Andy Pettitte 8
P Nate Robertson 7
P Bobby Jenks 21
P Gio Gonzalez 1
P Gavin Floyd 1
P Glen Perkins 1
P Joey Devine 1
R Andy Marte R
R Ben Francisco R
R Jeremy Reed R
R Jacob McGee R
R Jeff Larish R
R Dan Meyer R