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Spring Training Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

  • So much for Daniel Cabrera's sparkling three-innings-no-runs debut in Spring Training.  He gave-up five runs in the first inning today.
  • Brent Lillibridge started at 3B again.  He is a player for deep NL-Only leagues to keep an eye on.  Multi-position eligibility with speed possible.
  • Livan Hernandez pitched three innings for the Twins.  He allowed 10 hits!  Not to be outdone, Mark Redman did the same for the Rockies.
  • CF Adam Jones batted lead-off for the Orioles.  He should settle in behind Markakis, but anywhere at the top will get him the plate appearances necessary to fill the stat line.
  • The same day the local Cleveland paper says Ben Francisco is likely to begin 2008 in AAA, he goes 4-4.  He was caught stealing, though.  If the Indians have already settled on sending him to AAA, then the one negative will negate the four positives.
  • Cameron Maybin was back in CF today and went 1-2.  More noteworthy in the game were the back-to-back-to-back HRs closer Kevin Gregg allowed to Cardinals nobodies Skip Schumaker, Joe Mather and some guy with a "high grade tear" of the UCL in his right elbow, Albert Pujols.
  • Steve Pearce hit his 3rd Spring training HR.  The Pirates have to make room for him, right?  They can't really think a 25-year-old is better off in AAA when he has as much power as anyone on the major league roster, can they?
  • Mets fans think they have no depth at 1B behind Carlos Delgado?  Marcus Scutaro started at 1B for the Blue Jays.
  • Is this the day Jeff Baker takes over as the presumptive favorite to be the Opening Day 2B?  Maybe.  He started at 2B with Troy Tulowitzki at SS.  Outside of Holliday and Atkins, though, the rest of the starting line-up is pure split squad.