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Fantasy Baseball Sleepers: $1 Pitchers

Over the past couple days, I have seen questions arise within fantays chats asking about $1 end game starting pitchers.  While I have not been thrilled with the names, that doesn't mean they are not good suggestions.  One shouldn't expect $1 end-of-draft starting pitchers to be anything but a 1-in-3 or -in-4 proposition.

Gambling on these pitchers is of more importance if you have eschewed more established pitchers in favor of building a good/great offense.  In this case, you need to hit on more than 25% of your gambles.  You can't win, emphasis win, your league otherwise.

Last season, James Shields was the type of starter that helped hitting-heavy strategists win, emphasis win, their leagues, but who will be this seasons's Janes Shields?

I don't know, but here are a few guesses.

  1. TB Rays Andrew Sonanstine:  His WHIP is too good for the ERA, and he should be a contributing piece if the Rays breakout to 80 wins.
  2. Baltimore Orioles Daniel Cabrera:  He did throw 200+ innings last year.  Stats aside, shouldn't this indicate he can be much better?
  3. Kansas City Royals Brian Bannister:  If the Royals surge under new manager Trey Hillman, the brainy Brian should continue to be the exception to the rule of high strikeout succes.
  4. New York Mets Mike Pelfrey:  The 15+ expected wins each of  starting four ahead of him in the rotation, along with his inauspicious 2007 season, should keep him in the weeds at draft time.