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Spring Training Boxscores: Fantasy Notes

  • After seeing the photo of Nick Johnson on ESPN's MLB home page, I had to know if he had gotten as heavy as the photo made him look.  Using, I got to see him hit, and he didn't look out-of-shape at all.  In fact, he looked trimmer than I recall him being.
  • Steve Pearce hit his second Cactus League HR.  If he hits enough of them, the Pirates will be forced to break camp with him, right?  What does a moribund franchise gain by having a player of his ability rotting in AAA?
  • Joey Gathright two two more bases today to bring his Spring total to six.  He has no obvious avenue for regualr ABs, but this continued demonstration of speed will push his draft day salary into the double digits in AL-only auctions.
  •  From the eight-hole, Orioles' CF Adam Jones went 3-3.  I cannot see him hitting so low in the order in the regular season, though.  Who is going to make pitchers throw strikes to Nick Markakis?  Kevin Millar?
  •  Justin Upton started in RF and hit a HR.  I think his poor showing at the end of last season has deflated his expected production to values lower than sub-prime mortgage-backed securities.