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Brett Favre Retires

In a surprise announcement, Green Bay Packers QB Brett Favre announced his retirement this morning.  Despite flirting with this decision the past couple off-seasons, the news came as a surprise as the team was revitialized under his tutelage with the emergence of RB Ryan Grant and WRs Greg Jennings and a return to the top of the NFC North.

Now, the reigns have been truned over to 2005 draft plummetter Aaron Rodgers.  This is not good news for those hoping for improvement from Grant and Jennings.  I have little doubt that opposing defenses will be geared towards making Rodgers beat them.  That means seven- and eight-man fronts to stop Grant, and I am not sure Rodgers possesses the gun to hit Jennings the way Favre did.

Why did Favre retire?  I have no idea but I can't help drawing parallels to Roger Clemens and the whole PED issue in baseball.  After all, Congress is looking into PED use in the NFL.

I just hope that doesn't end in the destruction of another sports icon.