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2008 MVP, Cy Young and ROY Winners

Given yesterday's projected standings, I will do my best Jean Dixon impression and predict the MVP, CY Young and ROY winners for each league.  Building off the assumption that MVPs and CY Youngs come from play-off contending teams, the group of players in contention are limited.  The ROY won't necessarily be treated the same way, but one can't negate the press a rookie would get for contributing to a play-off run.

Miguel Cabrera, Detroit Tigers:  While he doesn't match Alex Rodriguez's HR total, he produces 140+ runs and finishes in the Top 10 for AVG to take the award.

AL Cy Young:
Justin Verlander, Detroit Tigers:  The only 20-game winner in baseball is the recipient of his team's incredible offense.  Chien-Ming Wang wins 18 but doesn't sniff the award.

Carlos Gomez, Minnesota Twins:  In a backlash to the perceived Red Sox bias of ESPN, the voters select him over Jacoby Ellsbury, who leads-off for the Red Sox and plays good CF defense.  Ellsbury will have the backing of the sabre community, but Gomez's gaudy SB totals (50+) to go with 15 HRs trumps Ellsbury's much more valuable contributions.

David Wright, New York Mets:  After losing out to the Phillies' Jimmy Rollins, the voters "pay back" Wright by giving him the award.  He beats out a Phillie this time.  Ryan Howard comes in second despite a run at 60 HRs and 140+ RBIs.

NL Cy Young:
Carlos Zambrano, Chicago Cubs:  Wins 19 games for the Cubs.  In second is Johan Santana who only wins 17 and gets the sabre community's backing because his peripherals are much better.

Kosuke Fukudome, Chicago Cubs: A full-season of ABs trumps the 2/3s of a season contributions of the Braves' Jordan Schafer, the Pirates' Steven Pearce and the Padres' Chase Headley.