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FFL Mock Draft 2008 - Joseph Addai, Peyton Manning, Larry Johnson

I've been reviewing's Fantasy Football Mock Draft (minus a weekend break with family) and now we get to one of the bigger fantasy draft questions for this year.  If Tom Brady shoots up to a Top 5 pick this year, what do you do with perennial first rounder Peyton Manning?

#7 Joseph Addai, RB, Ind - He's about as consistent an RB as you can find in fantasy football.  Expect 1000 rush yds, about 10 TDs and another 300 receiving yards as the cherry on top.  Seven is probably about the right place for him, though he could legitimately go 2 or 3 spots higher.

#8 Peyton Manning, QB, Ind - Your league's scoring system plays a big role in this pick once again (see the Tom Brady pick) but this is probably where Manning belongs.  The Colts are the same team as last season, there's no reason to expect anything different from Manning in 2008.  He may even be motivated to work a little harder in order to show up his little brother.

#9 Larry Johnson, RB, KC - Last year I said there was no way I would take Larry Johnson at #3.  This year there's no way I take him at #9.  The Chiefs' offensive line is still a mess and they've lost two of their top three wide receivers.  One more thing: Brody Croyle.  Until the Chiefs can make their opponents fear the passing game, or at least stop laughing at it, Johnson will be unable to return to fantasy greatness.