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Juan Pierre

Much to joy of all those invested in hatin' Juan Pierre, he has been made a key 4th OF by manager Joe Torre.  Here is someone who is very close to our own raygu during Rob Neyer's marathon chat today.  (Neyer is chatting from Justin Verlander's 1st pitch to Dave DeJesus through the final out thrown by either Trevor Hoffman or Jose valverde.)

Ray, Burlington, NJ: Rob-thanks for the marathon chat today. Now that Torre has made the right decision to play Ethier in LF, how many extra wins will LA get from this decision? Can they now win the West without the 500-out Pierre in the lineup?

Rob Neyer: (1:19 PM ET ) Honestly? It's maybe a couple of wins over the course of six months. I know I've been hammering on this all spring, and two wins is significant. But Pierre's an outstanding baserunner and Ethier's really not a great hitter, and the difference between their overall value is not huge. But you have to take the wins where you can find them. And these are easy to find.

Surprisingly, I don't see Pierre's value dropping through the floor this season - if all you draft him for are stolen bases.  I expect him to be more aggressive as a pinch-runner and see 30+ SB if he gets 300 ABs.